The Simple Life

All I want is a house,
With a little white fence,
A dog in the yard
And kids who aren’t dense.

I don’t want to be famous,
Or have my name up in lights
The simple life for me,
Oh! Won’t it be nice.

Enough money to eat,
and put my kids through school,
treat them occasionally,
I don’t want to be cruel.

I don’t need lots of cash,
Or a flashy red car,
Just nice people at work,
I needn’t look far.

I will feed them veggies,
Teach them right from wrong,
But I can do that,
For the price of a song.

Keep your tailored suits,
And your new shiny shoes,
We will be happy,
I have paid my dues.

The older you get,
The more you find,
It’s not money that matters,
It’s the ties that bind.

–  Ilana Pender-Rose

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