Witch Hunter and the Importance of Faith

At first glance, C.L Werner’s book, Witch Hunter, is a typical Warhammer fantasy novel, filled with vampires, witches and everything that goes bump in the night. But look beyond the swashbuckling action and you’ll find some good lessons about faith and why it’s important.

The hero of the book, Mathias Thulmann, is a Witch Hunter, charged with finding and destroying evil. He carries a pistol, a sabre and is accompanied everywhere by his morally indifferent lackey, Streng.

However, it quickly becomes apparent that the two men don’t enjoy a carefree existence, racing all over the land in pursuit of those who would harm others. While Streng is in it for the money, Thulmann is driven by his faith:

“That the horror had been brought to an end, that the guilty would meet justice was all that mattered to him. After all, that was all that would matter to Most Holy Sigmar.”[p29]*

Mathias and Streng become involved in events that quickly spiral out of control. At times, it seems as if our heroes are in over their heads. Thulmann the Witch Hunter, however, is never worried because he uses his faith to guide his moral choices. Thulmann’s certainty that Holy Sigmar (the fictional benevolent deity that is worshiped in the book) is watching over him and blessing his work. This faith allows Thulmann to make decisions without fear of failure. Mathias believes that if he does the right thing, then he always be able to hold his head high.

While you don’t need to be as fanatical as Thulmann, he does teach us that faith is important when you are down on your luck. When things are going from bad to worse or you just haven’t achieved what you wanted to do, faith can console you. Knowing that everything will be okay is a wonderful feeling – particularly if you find yourself in a lousy place. You don’t even need to be religious. Just have faith that, as long as you act with honour, everything will be fine.

Ilana Pender-Rose

Excerpt From: C.L. Werner. “Witch Hunter.”

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