Charlie is that you? Have you walked through death and come through? My eyes were sure but my heart couldn’t believe.
In time when you were awake alive and sure to live was a time in my heart that had long been let go. Charlie my dear friend I’m sure it’s just a dream, say something for gods sakes even a scream.
Charlie, Charlie alive once more.
My eyes saw you disappear I’ve fallen once more in a slumber where I wake only to lost times. The mess on my floor shows the mess in my mind.
You still lie there on that bed, amongst others that could soon be dead.
Oh Charlie where are you now? I wonder what it is. Will you ever be found? Another day goes past and I wonder what’s beyond, am I to weep for what you’ve missed or just grieve for your lost company. Charlie Charlie I love you. Please be at peace. Charlie Charlie where are you?

– Garry O’Connor

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