General Announcement

Dear faithful readers,

As part of our continuing effort to bring you the best in layperson’s philosophy, as of tomorrow, we will be changing our titles to a ‘clickbait’ format – because people love that shit.

As of tomorrow, your newsfeed will be chockablock full of cat pictures, photos of dinner, and thought provoking titles like:

“Socrates gives you advise on how to get a pay raise, but what happens next will amaze you,” or;

“Immanuel Kant’s transcendental apperception can give you tips to riding the bus (and not in the way you thought),” or;

“You’ll be shocked by how Alain De Botton tells you to stop eating housing insulation.”

Et cetera, et cetera, so on and so forth.

You get the idea.


Independent Philosopher editorial staff.

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