Traveling through memories
Reflection it can be blessing
It can turn the tide and wash up the old footsteps
It’s tremendous force creates tears
From years and years
The bloods stains
The laughter
It all echoes after
The forging of paths in your brain
From the bundle of hazarded thoughts
Evocative emotions
Images that burst with soul
It’s all that makes us whole
No past to rummage through gives us joy
No reflection gives us grief
It holds that memories serve to teach
But their stench can dictate our present suffering
Confusions and lapse in time produce muffling
Sometimes this is good
Other times a frustration
As head bangs on walls and hands reach out
Who can take us away
To this very day
Let lessons be learnt
Close the case
Let happy faces return
Let there be grace

– Garry O’Connor

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