Witch Killer & The Virtue of Stubbornness

The last instalment in C.L Werner’s series about Witch Hunter Mathias Thulmann has one very important thing to teach us: being a stubborn bastard can really work in your favour.

Although he’s not without faults, Mathias has three very important things going for him: his faith, his good intentions (although they can often lead him astray) and the fact he’s one stubborn son of a bitch.

These three qualities mean that he will always win whatever fight he gets into, simply by refusing to quit. It doesn’t matter what setbacks he counters along the way, he always keeps his goal in mind.

Let’s be honest. If we were in Mathias’ shoes, most of us would have quit out of frustration long ago. There are only so many setbacks one can encounter in life before losing enthusiasm, right? Wrong. If your desire is strong enough, if the end goal is worth fighting for, you shouldn’t let obstacles disenfranchise you. Quite the contrary, take a leaf out of Mathias book and try to be the best person you can along the way. Deal with obstacles as they come up, and then keep right on going.

Ilana Pender-Rose

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