Hazy atmosphere

Hazy atmosphere
Smoke sparking delicate eyes to blink
Deep red wine tingling on the tongue and dropping into the abyss
Sensations of calm and then down
The conscious drops to a blink
Laughs with and then at
Chatter haunting the mind
Ears dwelling on mocking tones
I’m here now but wishing I wasn’t

Then I’m off again
Looking at the stars
They take me in and open in my mind
A pleasant place where there is peace

Tranquility gets trampled on as a stare entraps me
It’s someone I know
Someone I’ve faced before
But hallow is the warmth
He says hello and then bingo
That’s where I know you from
You’re the tranny from down south
Bisexual transsexual deviant
My fellow come closer so I may tell you my story
His beckoning encroached on my sense of wellbeing
Safety was at stake
I just wished for someone I love to hold me
He speaks closely
and then a touch to the knee
Our eyes engrossed in one another
Could this be a new lover
He smiles and his teeth twinkle but nothing compare
to the eyes
that stare
I’m exhilarated
But sudden shyness takes me from my seat
I get up on my feet
I make my way to the door
Then a hand is grabbed
I fall
“Let’s go”
I was smitten
And so
We left for the night
and under darkness only he was in sight
The morning came
And it just wasn’t the same
So I said goodbye
The night and it’s high

Garry O’Connor

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