Christmas Break

Christmas Day

Started with coffee and cigarettes

Accompanied by the burning sun Ray

Then the family opened presents

It was just us the residents

Prawn cocktails courtesy of Garry Mark O’Connor

Roasted glazed chicken with veg by mum

It was then time to have some fun

What better way to do it then by having a few laughs

We watched Vicar of Dibley

All was quite silly

Then Sean’s Christmas pudding, brandy butter and ice cream,

It was all merry

And no one was mean

Again we sat and watched tv

I went outside for a smoke and guess what I had seen!

Some lovely magpies pecking at the fruit tree

They were free

and so was me.

Time for nap so I rested on the bed

Pillows cushioning my happy head,

Tiredness was barely there

So I started to write this poem

Somethings I admit is hardly rare.

Tonight I will have a few more drinks

This Christmas so far has been the best in years,

A new year will come

And I have grown stronger

More attuned to my true self

Lost, I am no longer

May fruitful exchanges

With friends and strangers

Happen next year

May I learn one thing or twenty two

May I cross a few things off my list of things to do

Lastly may I continue to love

Learn to forgive

And stay with what’s true


– Garry O’Connor

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