My Enemy

Yours truly

Thy enemy

I let the music take me up

A soft melody

To shake me up

Rid me of your scourge

The bane of my life

I need to purge

Suicidal ideation

Knife in rooms

No peace even for sanitation

Buried in insanity

Gloomy about humanity

Hopscotch and a skip away

Heaven falling

Into dismay

Where does right come from

And how do I belong

To the feast your revengeful eyes want to eat

Just buy a ticket

And take a seat

Watch the show

See my tears flow

Buried in insanity

Where is that humanity?!

Revenge swallows the heart

A journey that I have to start

One of peaceful tendencies

And control

For all my dependencies

My Death can see you no longer there

I’m sure you don’t mind but what is fair?

I’ll lie low

and smoke

Perhaps I’ll grow

Death for me is something that I see will free

Me from your glowing claws that rip me out

I’m done with my drunken stupor shouts.

Till the next time it happens

I haven’t much faith in my own conviction

Yours truly,

The one you hate.


– Garry O’Connor

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