Love and pain

Hate and gain

Let it out!



Right there

You know despair

But let it rest

You bloody pest


Days go on.

But have they shone

Light on the truth?

Come on you bloody poof

Wicked sentiments

Still misunderstandings

I feel you!

It is true

But wicked moments

My blood thirst imagination

Let’s look to the nation?

Some do not sense as much as others

People assume

And make covers

But all is well

Because at large there is good

But would or should?

Alas people suffer

A drink I would rather


Because I know

Your there

I swear

Now it’s the freak.

The tranny

At the brink

Of sexual deviation

Let’s look to out nation


Yes I’m all over the place

But plot is in place

And again I rummage through memories

Drink alcohol my remedy

Help is needed

Support is there

I’m wanky on so I dare say I’m rare

But so is everyone one of you.

But I can only relate to a few

Every other thing seems to be

An imagination a projection.

Stop right there!

I’ve come to a dead end

What I wanted to say was that in our world there are so many worlds

And people still assume

The gift is my saviour and my doom

But alas at least I know

People have faults but nature has its own


And God heaven forbid the concept

Rides people to some sort of moral code

The deliverance in words

Of people.

Yet still beliefs hold

Cryptic I know

Another fool hits the ground.

Can he be found


But then assumptions leash

And arrogance swirls

But denial is at place

A lesson for another day.

And to that I say


– Garry O’Connor

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