The meditations of Joe Hockey

Editorial Note: The Independent Philosopher prides itself on remaining politically neutral. That being said, on occasion, a politician will rise above the ranks, and demonstrate an innate wisdom so deep that we record their aphorisms for the common man to digest. Our seasoned reporter Jack Lonsdale recently sat down with Joe Hockey to pen some of his greatest philosophical principles for you to think about. From this cutting edge research, we have been able to collect together…

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Missing History of Descartes Part 2

Previously, on the Missing history of Descartes

– Descartes beat a dog to cheer him up after a savage hangover; only to see a dark and eldritch spectre flitter over the roofs of the houses nearby. Descartes moved in pursuit of the foul creature, only to realise that the tables were to quickly turn on him once darkness befell the city. Descartes hits up his old contacts from when he was a spy for the Jesuits, and is now patiently awaiting their arrival at his lodgings.

And now; back to our story…

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Missing History of Descartes Part 1

Editor’s Note:

Until now, the life of Rene Descartes; specifically, his middle years after university and prior to publishing his metaphysics, have been lost to history. We knew little of what happened to him in that time.

However, The Independent Philosopher’s premier philosophy researcher – Jack Lonsdale – went in search of what really happened to Descartes and to publish his full account of what he found here on The Independent Philosopher.

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