If you have any questions, queries, or doubtful points, please do not hesitate to contact one of our staff directly.

Andrew Armstrong, Health, Dating & Relationships Editor

andrew.armstrong @ independentphilosopher .com

Andrew Coleman, Business & Economics Editor

andrew.coleman @ independentphilosopher .com

Gemma Smart, Video Games Editor

gemma.smart @ independentphilosopher .com

Ilya Popov, Sunday Poetry, Books & Literature Review Editor

ilya.popov @ independentphilosopher .com

Ilana Pender-Rose, News & Current Events Editor

ilana.pender-rose @ independentphilosopher .com

Jane Plowright, Politics & Legal Theory Editor

jane.plowright @ independentphilosopher .com

Joel Hill, Technology Editor

joel.hill @ independentphilosopher .com

Simon Mattes,  Humour & Satire Editor

simon.mattes @ independentphilosopher .com

Thomas Green, Lifestyle Editor | Content Manager

thomas.green @ independentphilosopher .com

For general submissions enquiries, please forward all questions to:

submissions @ independentphilosopher .com

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