The Philosophy of Game Mechanics: A Civ 5 Saga.

I was originally planning on writing an article about Life is Strange for this week, but for various reasons I haven’t finished that yet. So, to tide you over while I continue to work on that, I’ve written a more lighthearted – some would say downright silly – piece on Sid Meier’s Civilization V (hereafter Civ 5).

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The meditations of Joe Hockey

Editorial Note: The Independent Philosopher prides itself on remaining politically neutral. That being said, on occasion, a politician will rise above the ranks, and demonstrate an innate wisdom so deep that we record their aphorisms for the common man to digest. Our seasoned reporter Jack Lonsdale recently sat down with Joe Hockey to pen some of his greatest philosophical principles for you to think about. From this cutting edge research, we have been able to collect together…

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Thomas More on crime & poverty.

Often in the news, we hear stories of criminals who receive light sentences for crimes they have committed. These articles, usually, are scant on information and do not go into the reasons why the Judge felt that a lenient sentence was desirable. Many of us feel angry when we read these articles. However, for Thomas More, a barrister and legal philosopher, it was important to consider a person’s circumstances when sentencing them for a crime.

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Deus Ex Human Revolution: An Argument against Augmentation

Considering that the question “How prevalent should augmentation technology be within our society?” is one of the key components of the setting of DE: Human Revolution, the “anti-augmentation” factions within the game do a surprisingly poor job of arguing against it.

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